Gas Dehydration

We are one of the first companies in India who qualified to provide Gas Dehydration on charter hire basis.

We are the pioneers in providing Gas Dehydration Units on charter hire basis in India. In a short span of time we are able to provide our services to various production facilities. The process of Gas Dehydration is accomplished in two basic steps through which we sequentially lower the Water Dew Point and Hydrocarbon Dew Point to less than 0 DegC by removing water and heavier hydrocarbons from the source gas to meet PNGRB norms.

We have efficiently commissioned Gas Dehydration Units of capacities upto 10 LSCMD per unit in a record time.

We design our packages to meet a wide range of applications with minimal changes required.

We maintain an intensive stock of spares to prevent any shutdowns as we understand the criticality of the process and it’s impact on our client.

Presently we owns total 11 Gas Dehydration Plants (140 MMSCFD),

Experienced EPC Services Provider and providing :

  • FEED , Detailed Designing
  • Installation & Commissioning Oil and Gas Conditioning & Processing
  • Surface facilities
  • Gas Processing Units
  • Scrubbers, Nitrogen rejection system
  • Gas Gathering Stations & Gas Collecting Stations
  • Overground & underground Pipeline network

Gas Processing and Treating Fleets:

  • Modular process and treating solutions designed for accelerated monetization of natural gas and natural gas liquids.
  • Equipment designs are scalable and easily transported from one asset to another.
  • Deep International maintains a standardized approach to process and treating facilities for ease of operation, reduced delivery/installation time, and maximized safety for our operations teams.
  • Equipment can be modified or designed to meet Customer requirements.
  • Experienced operations & maintenance teams provide ease of mind and maximized uptime.

Gas Processing and Treating Solutions:

  • Comprehensive Process & Treating Solutions
    • Process and Treating equipment available for rent
    • Modular equipment with reduced installation requirements
  • Turnkey or Bare Rental Options
  • Flexible project solutions
    • Bare Rental
    • Equipment with O&M
    • Turnkey
    • O&M only
  • Longer Term BOO/BOOT options