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Oil and Gas Exploration

Exploration and Production

With a motive to religiously work towards the development of hydrocarbon sector, Deep Industries Limited (DIL) has diversified to Exploration and Production vertical from being a service provider to the sector. DIL has a portfolio of onshore exploration & production assets in both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon category. Around 12000 sq km of area is available with the company for carrying out its exploration & production operations with approximately over 1350 MMBOE of in place hydrocarbon resource. The company currently has 7 E&P assets in India and 1 CBM asset in Indonesia with two other prospective assets expected to be awarded soon. In addition, DIL has three onshore gas fields in Jaisalmer district, which were awarded to the company by ONGC in 2007.


The Opportunity

With a projected growth rate of 8-9%, India is amongst the fastest growing economies of the world. Consequently, India's energy demands are expected to treble by 2035. In India, gas make up around 10% of the current energy basket as against the global average of 24% which shows a huge potential for growth. The natural gas demand in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 10% over the next 5 years thereby making India a major player in the global gas market.

The Strength

Being associated with the hydrocarbon sector for over 23 years helped DIL to understand the E&P sector very well. The diversity of E&P assets owned by the company has brought rich experience of exploration as well as developmental activities. An ability to manage multi-faceted operations matched with a team of experienced and trained manpower guided by a healthy management has strived for effective execution of the E&P jobs and resulted as recognition and respect in the hydrocarbon industry.

Building Partnerships

Successful E&P operations require diversified knowledge and expertise in various domains and hence call for a collective effort. DIL has build along various business partnerships as it climbed up the success ladder. We have strategic partnerships with the market leaders, both national and international, having expertise in domains like G&G modelling and related studies, drilling and allied well services, equipment/ spares supply and maintenance etc. The responsible attitude of DIL has led to tie-ups for joint asset development and gas marketing with national giants.

We have been successful in acquiring four (4) onshore Oil and Gas block under various rounds of New Exploration Licensing Policy by Government Of India, in which one (1) block is awarded under NELP-VII and other three are awarded under NELP-IX

Oil & Gas Blocks:

SR - ONN - 2005/1:
Location: Chattisgarh Project Phase: Exploration
Contract Award: 2008 Basin: Satpura Rewa Basin
Area: 789 sq km2 Participants: Deep Industries Ltd. - 70%
Deep Energy LLC - 10% Kanvel Finance Pvt. Ltd. - 10%
Savla Electronics Pvt. Ltd. - 10%

Awarded under the New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) VII round in 2008, the block is situated in Chattisgarh bordering Madhya Pradesh in the west. Numerous gas shows occurring in the basin are pointers to generation of hydrocarbons. This area is considered to hold a good potential for striking hydrocarbons. However, extensive exploration is warranted for commercial discovery. Structural Highs and fault closures are the primary exploration targets in this block. The prognosticated gas resource for the block is around 60 MMBOE. Environmental Clearance for the block is expected to be received soon.

Location: Gujarat Project Phase: Exploration
Contract Award: 2012 Basin: Cambay Basin
Area: 534 sq km2 Participants: Deep Energy LLC – 10%
KGN Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd. - 90%%

The block is located in India's best onshore basin with established petroleum system. The depositional environment, source rock, traps, reservoir condition found in this region shows good indication of hydrocarbon formation in this block. Indications of oil in an exploration well adjacent to the block have confirmed generation of oil in this part of the basin. The region also has a good seismic coverage and other geological data as required for undertaking successful petroleum operations. With a prognosticated resource of 170 MMBBOE, the block lies in the heart of developed infrastructure for hydrocarbons with very conducive working environment. The region also boasts a mature gas market with various consumers in the vicinity to this block. Currently environmental clearances activities for the block are in progress post receipt of which exploration activities will be started in the block.

VN-ONN-2010/1 VN-ONN-2010/2
Location: Madhya Pradesh Location: Madhya Pradesh
Basin: Vindhyan Basin Basin: Vindhyan Basin
Project Phase: Exploration Project Phase: Exploration
Contract Award: 2012 Contract Award: 2012
Area: 3776 sq km2 Area: 4909 sq km2
Participants: Deep Energy LLC – 10% Participants: Deep Energy LLC – 10%
KGN Industries Ltd. - 90% Deep Natural Resources Limited - 15%

Safal WSB Energy Pvt. Ltd. - 75%

The two blocks have been awarded under the Xth round of NELP bidding and are located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The two blocks cover an area of around 8685 sq. Kms with a total estimated prognosticated resource of around 210 MMBOE. Very recently gas has been discovered in the region at shallow depths. The blocks are very close to DIL's existing blocks i.e. Chattisgarh block and Singrauli CBM block and have very favourable logistics and working environment with readily available gas markets. Currently environmental clearances activities for the two blocks are in progress post receipt of which exploration activities will be started in the block. 



  • A total solution provider in oil and gas field since the year 1991
  • First company in India to provide high pressure air compressor on charter hire basis
  • First company in India to provide natural gas compressors on charter hire basis
  • Largest private sector natural gas compression company in India
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